Autonomy Proposal is Announced by the ACC


The ACC announced that they have three different pieces of legislation submitted to the NCAA as part of the Division I autonomy process that was recently adopted and approved by the league’s council of presidents.

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The legislation is concerning cost of attendance, loss of value insurance  and scholarship renewal.

ACC Commissioner John Swofford  made it clear that these proposals are in the best interest of the student-athletes:

“These three proposals create a pathway to additional benefits for student-athletes, which continues to be the top-priority. Our Council of Presidents and membership will continue to explore ways to enhance our student-athletes’ experience within the collegiate model.”

-ACC Commissioner John Swofford

The “Cost of Attendance” proposal would allow an institution to provide scholarships to student-athletes up to their cost of attendance at the school. The cost of attendance figure would be determined by using federal regulations that are consistent with institutional policies.

The “Loss of Value Insurance” proposal’s purpose is to allow student-athletes to borrow money against his or her future earning potential to obtain loss of value insurance. This piece of legislation would treat loss of value insurance along the line of disability insurance.  This one would go into effect immediately.

The “Scholarship Renewal” proposal precludes a school from not renewing the athletic scholarship of a student-athlete because of poor athletic performance or injury, even after the award period.

The “Cost of Attendance” and “Scholarship Renewal” proposals would go into effect on August 1, 2015 if things are finalized with the NCAA at the January NCAA Convention.