Disgust Toward Brian Gregory Has to Have Reached a New Level Now


If Georgia Tech Basketball fans were fed up before with Yellow Jackets head coach Brian Gregory being retained, they have to have taken their disgust with the coaching situation up to a whole new level after what has gone on so far in the college hoop offseason.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets /

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Fans wanted to see a new head coach come to The Flats after the 12- 19 2014-15 hoop disaster that they witnessed.

But that did not happen because of what everyone is rightfully assuming to be the financial issues that would come along with having two canned coaches collecting unemployment benefits from the same institution.

So instead of AD Mike Bobinski deciding to pay Gregory and the coach that he succeeded, Paul Hewitt, their stay at home dollars together with a new head coach rewiring the program, he decided to keep Gregory and just continue to give benefits to Hewitt.

Because of this move, the Georgia Tech fan base has to be sick to their stomach with watching the coaching moves that have taken place so far this offseason.

First the Tech fan base had to digest watching prized alum head coaching candidate Mark Price go from being an assistant coach with the NBA Charlotte Hornets to taking a coaching job with the Charlotte 49ers.

Fans were clamoring for Price to become the new head coach, but with Gregory being kept on to coach, this is one of the coaching hires that Tech missed out on trying to get.

Another coach that Georgia Tech missed out on trying to acquire is former University of Buffalo head coach turned Arizona State lead man Bobby Hurley.

Tech fans could have settled out of court for Hurley who played for coaching legend Mike Krzyzewski and who would have brought a possible pipeline of players from New Jersey to Tech to play for him because of roots his family has in the area.

His father Bob Hurley Sr. is a high school coaching icon in the Jersey area and his brother Dan Hurley is currently coaching at Rhode Island.

The coaching pedigree is there and the lineage is legendary. This is another coaching hire that was missed out on because Gregory was kept.

Same thing with the University of Texas hiring former Virginia Commonwealth head coach Shaka Smart.

Now the fans really cannot be as mad with the administration nor Gregory when it comes to the Smart situation.  But it sure would have been nice to have been able to say that the school was at least reaching out to him.

What could ultimately save Brian Gregory is if he is able to land prized recruit Jaylen Brown in his recruiting class.

Georgia Tech is one of the eight schools he has narrowed his list down to according to an April 8th post on courier-journal.com where Tech was listed along with Kentucky, California, Georgia, Michigan, Kansas, UCLA and North Carolina.

All jokes aside, fans can be a little tolerant of failure while they are seeing things getting fixed.

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But when the situation has gotten to the point where the coach has overstayed his welcome, and the fans can visually see what kind of albatross the coach is becoming because of seeing what other schools have been able to do to improve themselves, there is a problem.

Georgia Tech is going to have to rent a “Popemobile” for Brian Gregory next season to protect Gregory from the five fans that show up to the games to throw tomatoes at him.

With fans not being able to see the changes they wanted to see at the coaching position and also not getting to see the state of Georgia’s No.1 recruit even have Tech on his radar, fans must be more disgusted now with Coach Gregory than during the season.

That is pretty hard to do while the team is not even playing.