Thaddeus Young Delivers Apology And Then A Big Game For The Brooklyn Nets (Video)


Thaddeus Young took accountability for his lack of production in Game 2 of the Brooklyn Nets series with the Atlanta Hawks, and then came out in Game 3 and flat out delivered.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
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Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

According to an article on, after Young dropped a meager 1 of 7, two point performance on the stat sheet, he went into the locker room and apologized to his team for his performance.

Thaddeus Young described the scene of his apology like this:

“The first thing I said when I came into the locker room was, ‘I’m sorry I didn’t give you guys anything tonight, I have to be better’.”

-Thaddeus Young

Young is a professional, and he takes pride in his work. This is not his first playoff rodeo by any means. While he was with the Philadelphia 76ers he played in the playoffs five straight seasons.

He is well aware that he must deliver in the postseason, and that is exactly what he did in Brooklyn’s 91-83 Game 3 victory at the Barclays Center.

Thaddeus Young finished with 18 points and 11 rebounds hitting 8 of 16 shot attempt.

Chris Humphreys for USA Today Sports

Young was able to get around the painted area and get a lot of high percentage shots either by making himself available for interior passes from penetrating guards or crashing the offensive glass.

He is quite aware of how his bread is buttered on this Nets’ team as evidenced by his statement in that same article:

“A lot of the different things I do within the offense is to basically just fill in gaps and spots around the basket, and they’re a pretty decent team as far as protecting the basket. They play in a tandem and they cover for one another, and they do a very good job of that. It’s just a matter of finding different ways and angles to score, and letting the game come to me.”

– Thaddeus Young

He was doing a great job of finding the angles on Sunday afternoon, and Deron Williams along with former Georgia Tech star Jarrett Jack did a really good job of finding him.

Jack especially brought energy to the floor when he came off the bench for his 27 minutes of work.

He kept the ball moving and created for others finishing with five points, five rebounds and eight assists.

Jack’s energy played a big part in keeping Atlanta at bay along with Thaddeus Young’s aggression on the interior.

This game however was about Thaddeus Young righting a Game 2 wrong at the end of the day.

Here is Thaddeus Young’s post game interview via Derrel Johnson of

Though Atlanta has a few players that matchup well against Young such as Paul Millsap and Mike Scott, Young should be able to get his offensively against them.

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Atlanta now leads the series 2-1 with Game 4 to be played on Monday.

If Game 3 did anything for the Thaddeus Young and the Brooklyn Nets, it confirmed that they can play with the Atlanta Hawks as long as they take care of business on the defensive end.

They held Atlanta to 35.6% shooting from the floor and 6 of 30 from three-point land.

If BK is able to duplicate their defensive performance in Game 4 and get similar production out of Thaddeus Young as well as others, this series will be tied going back to Phillips Arena, and then it could be anybody’s series.