Paul Johnson Has Some Words of Wisdom for Washington Wizards Forward Paul Pierce


“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch”.

“It ain’t over till it’s over”.

“It ain’t over till the fat lady sings”.

All sayings that serve the purpose of telling individuals that you can’t celebrate until the clock hit zeros and the horn or whistle sounds.

Washington Wizards forward Paul Pierce thought that when he drained his three-pointer from the left corner to give the Wizards an 81-80 lead with 8.3 seconds left on the clock, it was going to be a game-winner.

Paul Pierce already “called game” in Game 3 for the Wizards when he hit an elbow jumper that banked in off the glass.

Pierce thought that he had ripped the heart out of the chest of Atlanta fans once again after knocking down this latest clutch jumper, and let the crowd know about why he is “The Truth” while going to the bench during the Hawks timeout.

Turns out that “The Truth” was going to be “bearing false witness” on this night because Al Horford completely punked Nene for the offensive board off of a Dennis Schroeder miss, and came up with a game winning put back.

The game is not over till the clock hits 0.0 Mr. Pierce! It is fitting that the Hawks were able to get the final bucket the way that they did.

Horford ripping the ball out of Nene’s hands, and watching Nene tumble to the floor while Horford sealed the deal, looked like a knock out punch being delivered.

After the game, there was a very interesting tweet on Twitter from a very influential coach in Atlanta that was aimed at Paul  Pierce.

That person happened to be Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson.

BOOM!!! Drop the mic !!!

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Paul Johnson is definitely not the kind of guy that banks anything as a win before he sees the job done, and you know for a fact he is not with the loud yap talking when a team still has time to grab victory from the hands of defeat.

Paul Pierce is going back to Washington D.C. down 3-2 in the series with the Wizards hosting Game 6 on Friday.

Hopefully Paul Pierce will heed the word of Coach Johnson, but chances are Paul Pierce will never change. He is a 17-year veteran, so he is pretty set in his ways.

However, in this instance Paul Johnson was “The Truth”.