Georgia Tech Basketball: In Enemy Territory Q&A – Virginia Tech


The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets will look to extend their winning streak to three games tonight as they go up against the Virginia Tech Hokies at 9 p.m, in preparation of the game, here is a Q&A about the Hokies with FIghtingGobbler’s Jw Gravley.

Make to read Ben Silvers’ game preview earlier that was posted earlier today as you prepare for tonight’s showdown.  For the first time this year we have done an interview with Georgia Tech’s opposition’s own writers.  Today, we are joined by FIghtingGobbler’s Jw Gravley.

Yellow Jacked Up in the interview will be abbreviated with “YJU” while FightingGobbler will be abbreviated with “FG”.

YJU: First, this is the best season the Hokies have had since arguably the 2009-10 and 2010-11 seasons, at least so far. What is the current buzz like around the Virginia Tech fan base like of recent and what are the thoughts on Buzz Williams through his first two and half seasons?

"FG: You are correct, this is the best season the Hokies have had in a while. The buzz around the campus is electric. With some of the losses they have taken in ACC play, the buzz has went down some but with Georgia Tech coming in to play the Hokies in what is a must win game for both clubs, the energy inside Cassell will be amazing. The fans love Buzz and his coaching staff. Buzz makes time for the fans outside of the game and even coaches some rec league basketball here in the area for his kids. So him reaching the community is really a good thing."

YJU: The Hokies got off to a hot start this season going 11-1 before entering the in-conference portion of the schedule. Then they upset #5 Duke but since then, it looks like the Hokies have been struggling dropping three of their last four. What’s been the major difference for the Hokies since their win over Duke?

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"FG: The size and lack of depth has hurt the Hokies. Wins against non-conference foes like Michigan and Ole Miss and wins against in-conference foes like Duke and Syracuse will help the Hokies get a bid for the NCAA Tournament in which I explain here but at the same time, losing a game against Notre Dame at home (their first home loss since Jan. 24, 2015 against Louisville) was a tough loss which I explain here."

YJU: With five players averaging double-digit points this season, Virginia Tech has a tremendous ability to score and rank 26th in scoring nationally. For opposing defenses, what’s been the keys to stopping the Virginia Tech offense?

"FG: First, slow down Zach LeDay. This should be his last year and so far he is playing lights out. Secondly, they must slow down Chris Clarke who can change a game with a single shot. Tech has weapons but their two sleepers are Justin Robinson and Seth Allen, both of which can drop 15 points off the bench if a team isn’t careful."

YJU: Going back to the five players averaging double-digits, which Hokie could ultimately cause the biggest problems for the Yellow Jackets Wednesday night?

"FG: Any of the guys I mentioned to question 3. However, I think LeDay is going to have a big game. He and Clarke were vividly frustrated after the game with their performances, even though they did well. They didn’t want to lose the game against Notre Dame, they will come out and be ready to play."

YJU: As good as the offense has been for VT this season, the defense has struggled at times giving up a lot of points at times. Where have the Hokies struggled on defense and do you see Georgia Tech being able to exploit those troubles?

"FG: Oh man… Good question here. Two areas really concern me here: Inside and the perimeter. Hokies cant contain the paint due to lack of size and when they run a press zone they leave the perimeter open at times which is what Notre Dame had the chance to take care of the other day. If Georgia Tech gets easy looks this will be a shootout."

YJU: What is the biggest cause for concern on both sides for the Hokies heading into Wednesday night for the Hokies?

"FG: Turnovers. They can’t make simple, rec league mistakes. That sounds mean but it is the truth. The Hokies must take care of the ball. That is the priority."

YJU: What is your prediction for the game?

"FG: Hokies win, 88-84. It wont be easy but they will get the win."