Georgia Tech Rivalries: 10 Reasons Why We Hate Georgia

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Daniel Shirey – USA TODAY Sports

It’s always fun to talk about your rival. Whether your team was on the winning or losing end of the most recent game doesn’t matter, what matters is coming up with the best zinger to insult and humiliate your foes. This tactic has never been more evident than in the long-standing, ugly, and venomous rivalry between Georgia and Georgia Tech.

The first three articles in this series of good-natured ribbing of rivals–Clemson, Virginia Tech and Duke–were all a lot of fun and tongue-in-cheek sniping. There is some bristling between the Jackets and those other three schools, but no real acrimony.

Georgia, on the other hand…

In-state rivalries can always be vicious…even downright nasty. Tech and Georgia fans can go at each other with reckless abandon, and with little regard for any sensitive ears that may happen to be nearby. In the rivalry known as ‘Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate’, the teams don’t like each other, the fans don’t like each other–and to be honest–it’s not wrong to think the coaches like each other very much either.

On the football field, Georgia has owned Georgia Tech (for the most part) for quite a while, which is something that sticks in the collective craws of Tech fans. From the Yellow Jacket perspective, even the worst season can seem to be made whole with a victory over the Bulldogs, while on the opposite end, even the most impressive of SEC campaigns can be seemingly neutered by a loss to the boys from North Avenue.

You want to talk about vitriol and pure hatred…this is it. And here are the things that the Yellow Jackets hate the most about their cross-state rivals from Athens, Ga.